General Dental Treatment
We offer a full range of general dental treatment for our patients.  These treatments are frequently performed by our dentists as relatively common procedures, however as a patient we realise that you may not be familiar with the treatments.  Our friendly staff are always happy to discuss treatment plans and specific procedures to help put your mind at ease.  Some of the more common procedures undertaken are explained below:

Scale and clean
We recommend our patients have a regular scale and clean, this is certainly not the same as you brushing your teeth.  When you brush and floss your teeth you are removing plaque, which is a soft, sticky white substance consisting of bacteria and their byproducts.  A scale and clean will remove plaque from hard to reach places that you haven’t been able to reach whilst cleaning yourself.  More importantly a scale and clean will remove the build up of calulus, also known as tartar.  This is a hard calcified buildup which brushing and flossing won’t remove.

A filling may be necessary to address a cavity, or dental decay known as caries.  Tooth decay arises as a result of bacterial fermentation of food debris on the tooth surface, resulting in the demineralisation of the tooth structure.  This causes the tooth structure to soften and eventually sees the formation of a cavity.  A filling can be used to restore the tooth’s structure once all decay has been removed.  However prevention via good diet and oral hygiene will help save your teeth and your wallet.

A tooth extraction may be required for a number of reasons, the most common reason being as a result of decay.  Frequently patients may avoid the dentist and leave decay unattended, this can result in the failure of the tooth’s structure and expose the nerve resulting in pain and infection.  Leaving a tooth to decay to this point limits your treatment options and increases the likelihood of an extraction being required.  When an extraction is required you can be assured that our experienced dentists will minimise any discomfort associated with the procedure.

Root canal treatment
A root canal treatment is removal of a damaged or dead nerve from a tooth to remove infection and prevent pain.  Sun Dental Group recommends the treatment be undertaken over a number of visits to more effectively monitor the procedures progress and improve the probability of a successful result.

Cosmetic Dentistry
A beautiful smile can drastically change how we feel about ourselves.  We believe everyone should feel confident about their smile and most importantly enjoy smiling.  Cosmetic dentistry ranges from teeth whitening through to veneers.  It is important to ensure that you consult a dentist to ensure your dental health isn’t compromised by any cosmetic services, guaranteeing the best possible result.  It’s important to ensure any cosmetic dentistry is tailored to your needs.

A crown is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over an existing tooth, this treatment may be undertaken for a number of reasons.  It may be required to protect a weakened or cracked tooth, for aesthetic reasons or to restore a worn tooth where a filling is no longer a viable option.

Bridges, Implants and Dentures
These are potential treatment options for patients who have lost teeth.  You are best to speak to one of our dentists in relation to what treatment is best for you.  A simple explanation of these treatments follows.  A bridge uses neighbouring teeth to anchor off and replace the missing teeth.  A denture is a removable appliance that is held in place via clasps on remaining teeth for a partial denture, or held via suction in the case of a full denture.  An implant requires a permanent post be inserted into the jaw, to which a crown or other appliance may be affixed.  The prices associated with these treatments vary widely and may not be suitable for every patient.

Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal treatment is focused on the health of your gums and underlying bone.  It is very important for your general health and dental health to maintain healthy gums.  Gum disease can cause inflammation and ultimately the deterioration of the ligament holding your teeth in place, which can ultimately result in the loss of the tooth.  We provide expert periodontal treatment for our patients, however prevention through good dental hygiene is best.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk.  Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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